What’s in the box?

You’re probably wondering why we’ve spent over a decade perfecting a piece of software that lets you create apps without coding so you can afford to throw them away.  Sounds ridiculous when you write it down doesn’t it?

And yet…

We started on the Encanvas journey after being frustrated time and again as consultants by the slow-pace of IT development in organizations.  Businesses cannot reasonably hope to be agile when they have inflexible IT systems.

We realised that the concept of developing software in back-offices and building in errors with manual coding would never be good enough for the future of enterprise computing.  What was needed to create best-fit applications quickly was an approach that meant Users and stakeholders could work with designers to author solutions in near real-time.

Translating a vision like that into reality ‘that works’ isn’t so easy.  The truth of the matter is that data is a fiddly creature and it’s difficult to tame.  Even gathering data from legacy systems can be a nightmare.  Lots of things have changed since we began with Encanvas development in 2002.  For one thing, we started designing Encanvas on a desktop because that’s what you did back then.  The new idea of ASP.NET was just being introduced by Microsoft.  And nobody had heard of cloud computing, big data or the Internet of Things!

Well here we are – 15-years later and somewhat older and wiser.   Encanvas mow supports big data repositories, JSON integration, IoT device monitoring capabilities – and is one of the most advanced cloud platforms on the planet.

So what’s in the box?  It’s a code-less way of creating apps without coding so you can afford to throw them away.

Some things never change.

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